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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Furthering Your Genealogical Education

Online Genealogy Education

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Here's a short list of places to go on the internet for Genealogy Education.  This list is not the end all-be all list of offerings, however it does showcase the most popular places to get additional training.

    • $2850 (for a 40 course package) 40 courses beginner, intermediate and advanced courses after completion awarded Postnomial Designation PLCGS (Professional Learning Certificate in Genealogical Studies)
      • Multiple courses specializing in several countries
      •         • American Records
      •         • Australian Records
      •         • Canadian Records
      •         • English Records
      •         • German Records
      •         • Irish Records
      •         • Librarianship
      •         • Methodology
      •         • Professional Development
      •         • Scottish Records

  • NGS -yearly membership $70, some courses are offered to non members at a higher price, prices listed are for members

    •  Family History Skills 
      • free as a ngs member 
    •  These 2 courses can be bundled for $75, or purchased separately at $45 each
    • American Genealogical Studies: The Basics 
      • Getting Started
      • Create A Research Plan
      • Home Sources
      • Family Traditions and Connecting with Others 
    •  American Genealogical Studies: Guide to Documentation & Source Citation 
      • Introduction to Documentation
      • Basic Citation Principles
      • Applying Basic Citation Principles
    • American Genealogical Studies: Beyond the Basics $175
      • Module 1 – Evidence Analysis
      • Module 2 – The Library: A Research Repository
      • Module 3 – The Federal Population Schedules
      • Module 4 –
    •  American Genealogical Studies: Branching Out  $175
      • Module 6 – Cemeteries, Tombstones, and Funeral Homes
      • Module 7 – Religious Records
      • Module 8 – Newspaper Research
      • Module 9 – Research in the Courthouse-Probate Records
      • Module 10 – Research in the Courthouse-Deeds
    • Continuing Genealogical Studies $45 (*** is $60)
      • Effective Use of Deeds  
      • Genetic Genealogy, the Basics 
      • ***Genetic Genealogy: Autosomal DNA ***
      • Introduction to Civil War Research 
      • Researching 17th and 18th Century German Ancestors 
      • Researching Your Revolutionary War Ancestors 
      • Researching Your World War I Ancestors 

  • Boston University

    • Genealogy 101--13 lessons 28 exams 9 hours of time .9 CEUs
      • $50 no certificate /
      • $75 with CEU certificate

  • Future Learn  offered by University of Strathclyde Glasgow  

    • Free- no certificate  
    • $99 to upgrade for certificate

    • various classes range in price from $29.99-$199.99

    • 2015-2016 cost was $350, website hasn't been updated courses may not be available.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

CH CH CH Changes!!!

Changes are coming!!!

On Aug 3, 2017, Legacy and My Heritage announced that their companies were merging.  Shock rippled across the Genealogy community, especially with the loyal users of Legacy.  Feelings ranged from shock and disbelief, to feelings of being duped, betrayed or cheated and every emotion in between.  

The Legacy users are scared, and rightfully so.  Just 2 years ago, Ancestry dumped FTM, then announced that Roots Magic would sync with Ancestry at Roots Tech.  Then later announced that FTM had risen from the ashes of being scrapped and was being sold to MacKiev.  Two years later, both software companies released the "sync" feature, but still issues exist with both programs.  

Legacy explained the pros to the merger, and  that every employee currently with Legacy will stay with Legacy at their new home under My Heritage's tutelage.

The following 4 bullets are directly from Legacy News as well as the email sent to Legacy users.
  • A host of new features in Legacy software – we will be developing future versions of Legacy together. We have already started working on the new Tree Sync feature (to optionally have your Legacy file in a private or collaborative tree at My Heritage)
  • Improved webinar platform to surpass the 1,000-virtual seat limitation we currently have
  • Significant discounts on My Heritage services and DNA kits for Legacy users and webinar viewers not available anywhere else
  • Most importantly, you can expect the same high-quality support and service that you have come to expect from us. The entire Legacy and webinar teams will continue on at My Heritage in our existing roles.

Questions were asked and answered by Legacy staff:
  • Do we have to have a tree on My heritage?  No, It is optional.
  • Do we have to sync when that becomes available? No, it is optional.
  • Do we have to subscribe to My Heritage?  No, just like you don't need to subscribe to ancestry to use Roots Magic or FTM.
  • Will our data on the legacy cloud be used by My Heritage?  No, even Legacy doesn't have access to your back up on the cloud

Legacy staff has mentioned Legacy will remain independent. Which is a good thing, and the current 50% off (until Aug 13) on both the software and the webinars was My Heritage's idea as an act of good will.  My Heritage also realizes there are issues from the past they are working through and are hoping to gain our trust back.

A few other bloggers posted today, making observations about Legacy's merger, and while most of what they say is good news, one thing that has the community back up in arms; is the opinion that Legacy will be absorbed into My Heritage and will be made into a web based app to replace their own web based app called Family tree builder.

I personally hope that doesn't happen, as Legacy is a robust program and there would be so much functionality lost by making it web based.  I mean look at the current functionality of other web based programs (ancestry's online tree builder, Wiki tree, and even My Heritage's tree builder)

The genealogy community wants to keep their trees on their PC's, for several reasons:
  • to protect living relatives
  • to prevent others from changing trees
  • to stop genealogy "vampires" from taking someone's hard work and claiming it as theirs

One only has to look at the mess on Ancestry (their trees) where there are numerous trees for the same family, all who cite an ancestry tree as the source, but hardly any with an actual source as to where the info came from. Parents with children born before the parents, mothers having children after they died, and men being married to 3 women at the same time in 3 different states. What a mess online trees have made.

This same complaint has also been made about My Heritage trees.

My Heritage would be better off scrapping their online tree builder, and just use Legacy's sync option to showcase Legacy's capabilities, and help promote proper sourcing and not just follow the shaky leaf hints.  

I see this merger as a good thing for Legacy to impart their GREAT customer service skills into the My Heritage infrastructure, and for My Heritage to utilize the POWER of Legacy to improve the Genealogy community's way of researching and their footprint on the internet as a subscription database worthy of our time and money.

Only time will tell......

Affiliate disclaimer:

I have no affiliation with any website or company, nor do I get paid to promote any company or website.  My thoughts are my own and cannot be bought.