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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Furthering Your Genealogical Education (Updated 11/19 - originally posted Dec 2017)

Online Genealogy Education

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Here's a short list of places to go on the internet for Genealogy Education.  This list is not the end all-be all list of offerings, however it does showcase the most popular places to get additional training.

National Institute of Genealogical studies

  • $2850 (2018 Prices-for a 40 course package) 40 courses beginner, intermediate and advanced courses after completion you are awarded Postnomial Designation PLCGS (Professional Learning Certificate in Genealogical Studies)
    • Multiple courses specializing in several countries
    •         • American Records
    •         • Australian Records
    •         • Canadian Records
    •         • English Records
    •         • German Records
    •         • Irish Records
    •         • Librarianship
    •         • Methodology
    •         • Professional Development
    •         • Scottish Records

NGS -yearly membership $70, some courses are offered to non members at a higher price, prices listed are for members

  •  Family History Skills 
    • free as a ngs member 

Boston University

  • $995     7 week course consisting of 4 modules.

  • $2695  15 week course consisting of 5 modules

Universal Class 

  • Genealogy 101--13 lessons 28 exams 9 hours of time .9 CEUs
    • $50 no certificate /
    • $75 with CEU certificate

Future Learn  offered by University of Strathclyde Glasgow

    • Free- no certificate  
    • $99 to upgrade for certificate

Ancestry Academy free classes with paid membership to ancestry

Family Tree Magazine

  • various classes range in price from $29.99-$199.99

Salt Lake City Community College  

  • 2015-2016 cost was $350, website hasn't been updated courses may not be available.

Brigham Young University - Idaho



DNA Central- online DNA learning

  • $9.99 a month
  • $99 a year

Genealogy Guys Learn online learning

  • $99 a year

Friday, June 7, 2019

UNDERUSED WEBSITES: Family search Wiki

Underused Website Series: Family Search Wiki

The Family Search Wiki (FS Wiki)is a goldmine of information.  It has a page for just about every city, county, state, country, across the globe.

Like wikipedia, we can all sign up to add info to the wiki pages, but where the FS wiki is different is that the info we (GQ Public) submit is monitored and vetted for accuracy by LDS missionaries and LDS members like Peggy Clemens Lauritzen aka Miss Peggy. So, it's way better than Wikipedia, and the FS Wiki is all about genealogy research and history of the areas.

State Page: KANSAS

If you start at the state page, you get info on the state, when it became a state, how to find records for that state, even a big button that says online records (for that state). How about STEP by STEP instructions on how to search that state?  It's in the wiki!!!

kansas county map
Kansas county map
There is a map of the state, with LINKED counties, so you can then go to the county page and find detailed info on that particular county. Now if you're not sure where the county is on the county map, don't fret, under the county map is a list (Alphabetically no less) of not only EVERY CURRENT COUNTY, but a list of the extinct, renamed, or ceded counties for each state. 

Each state page could have hundreds of links to other about a rabbit hole!

County Page: BARTON

 Each county page has some history about the county, how it was named, when it was formed, even the address and phone number of the county court house.  We all know what we can do when we find an address or phone number right?  Road trip, or at least call to see what they have available for public searches.

Barton county record dates
County record Dates

The best kept secret on the county page is the "Known beginning dates for major records"  This helps anyone researching an area to know when ht records were available.  For example If I'm looking for a birth record from 1884, in Barton County, Kansas--I can go to the wiki, and see when the records for births were available, and there were no birth records prior to 1892, and the state didn't require birth records until 1911, and it wasn't mandated until 1917.  With a quick trip to the Wiki, I have just saved myself HOURS and HOURS of searching for birth records in Barton County Kansas, for 1884, and I don't need to bother any face book groups either, because I now know, they don't exist.  I can focus my research on church records for birth and baptisms, or maybe  a bible record, but there are no birth records.

The county page will also tell you when the county was formed, and what county it was formed from, so if I'm looking for a record in Barton County before 1867, I would have to look in Marion County, as Barton was created in Feb 1867 from Marion county.

There are cities, towns, townships, unincorporated communities, most with links to that location's wiki page.

There's a resources section that gives you links to websites online, (more underused websites) to find specific records.

City Page: Great Bend,_KansasEach city page, gives demographics about the city, history,  GPS coordinates, as well as notable people from there.

I'll close for now, as this has gotten quite long, and I've only reviewed one state, one county and one city page, from the USA, and I haven't even started talking about other country's wiki pages, or the other 1000's of categories in the FS Wiki.

So go check it out, its FREE, and you may find info about a location you didn't know, or better yet, you'll break down that brick wall, because you'll find the correct county to search, because that county didn't even exist during the time frame you're searching...

Happy Hunting

(images were used with permission from Family Search - Danielle Batson)