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Friday, January 1, 2016

Hello 2016


Today starts the new year!  My goals are many, lets hope I have enough time every day to acomplish everything I want.  They say to write down your goals so you can create a plan.  This is my plan.

  • Work the Genealogy Do over and get my files and family tree in order
  • Watch the legacy video series, as they help in genealogy research.
  • Post a video at least once a month highlighting a how to about pcs or software.
  • Study to become certified in Genealogy. 

  • I've joined a 52 week photography challenge, so I plan on taking a photo a week, to improve my skills with my NEW camera (Sony A6000) I got for my birthday in October.
  • Watch videos on Kelby One (I got a free membership) to enhance my photography and editing skills.
  • Complete free online courses thru Coursera , edx, and udemy.

Come along for the ride, I promise you wont be bored.