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Monday, July 6, 2015

Don't Be a Cow About It!!!!

Everyone in this cycle of the genealogy Do-Over is busy writing down what their plans are to help keep them on track.  Everyone is posting their documents and one really struck my fancy....

Thanks to Melissa Elder of Thornbury NZ, for her funny but honest approach to her Ethics and Practises (yes those down under spell it that way, and not how us "yanks" (people from the USA) spell it.

Here are screen shots of her Code of Ethics and Practises and are pretty spot on.

Here's hoping we can see more from Melissa, as she has a great way with words.

tagging files in windows explorer

This is a video I did to show how to use the tagging feature in windows.

By using tags, you can limit your file name and the great thing about tags is they are searchable

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Do Over -Week one Round 3

This week starts the third round of the Genealogy Do- Over.

The Do- Over is where you look at how you have been researching, your habits both good and bad, and the research documents you have.

Each week you have a list of "to do" items for you to think about, review, then evaluate how you can make the items more effective in your research.

A foundation is always the most important thing to establish so I decided to create a webinar to help us understand why designing the filing system is paramount before adding/renaming and filing our documents and photos for our genealogy proof.

Feel fre to have a look at the webinar, as it also will apply to any organization task you set out to "do over"