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Friday, January 30, 2015

Is this a BSO (Bright Shiny Object)?

The movie "UP!" was about a spastic dog who couldn't focus....Squirrel!

So Ive been working on my genealogy Do over...learning a lot, and sharing with my daughter who is now 18, but has always been there to help me since she was 10-11. She would go with me and help look up obituaries I received from the RAOGK requests in my area. She was bitten early. She loved helping me find people, and she loved finding and reading the old newspaper articles on the microfilm readers. Now she is tracing her dad's side of her tree CORRECTLY with the Do Over project, but I digress!!!!! Squirrel!

On our Facebook  page, there has been many discussions about the infamous"Spreadsheet" made by Thomas MacEntee, offered for free here.   Thomas has even allowed us to edit and modify it to our liking. But many of our genealogists are not used to Excel, or how it works, so the teacher in me comes out, and I start creating short videos and posting them to youtube.

I am seeing a theme here, I love to help people.  Is this my BSO?  I guess it will depend on if I can still do my genealogy and assist others in theirs. 

Time will tell......Squirrel!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Interviewing myself

I think this went back to Week 2 (ya I am a bit out of  

So today, I decided to start my interview after watching a webinar on timelines.  I use FTM, and couldn't for the life of me remember seeing a timeline.  Well there is one, but it is not as cool as the one in Legacy 8.

So yes I down loaded legacy, and started my timeline.

I did basic things, like where we lived and where I went to school.  Dad was in the military so we moved a lot.  I then added my military career moves.  I can tell you future generations will have a tough time tracking me, from Alaska to North Carolina and every where in between including overseas tours.  WHEW!!!!  Now I don't have all the details (like exact dates, or addresses) but mom was good about keeping up my school memories book, so I will dig that out to finish off my interview.  And well there are a few more highlights of my life I want to add, like when I graduated college, got married, had my babies, to name a few.

What I don't like about Legacy (or haven't found yet) is when I type in a city, the software doesn't give me the county automatically, where ancestry does.   Mind you I am using the FREE version. 
However I LOVE the timeline in Legacy, mainly due to the historical events it has.  It seems to be more complete than the one in Ancestry.

My challenge to everyone is to sit down and interview yourself...and not just for dates and names, and places, but memories and stories too.  There are programs to record your voice to dictate these stories to be attached to your family tree.  What a legacy that would be for your grandchildren's grandchildren.